Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Late Night CHATLOG

funsexyman101 : call an uber Kikin33 : paypal bb? funsexyman101 : have him call an uber funsexyman101 : to u briney450 : have always wondered what it would be like to jack off with a woman watching biggg709 : is that you on the tv in the back funsexyman101 : kf a woman was there I wouldn't jerk off. I would have her jerk it Kikin33 : im in california, where are u at? funsexyman101 : u are yound babygirl funsexyman101 : young funsexyman101 : the besy jerk off ever involved her mouth CEO500 : your hair looks fab funsexyman101 : but babe u control when he cums if ur jerking it Kikin33 : i would love to fuck u You are now in private chat. Your show is over. : Connected to the room successfully. Welcome to your room. Make sure your video feed is displaying and that you have clicked "go online" briney450 : gnite tina . nice meeting u. ill be back soon CEO500 : Do you have a mini skirt funsexyman101 : i'm back CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits funsexyman101 : now back to the jerk off and mouth drew CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits funsexyman101 : candy little girl funsexyman101 : smell ur fllwer funsexyman101 : lol funsexyman101 : I think u smell sweet funsexyman101 : u are a mellon fucker funsexyman101 : closet fucker funsexyman101 : i'd fuck u in a cset funsexyman101 : hell yes CEO500 : Doggystyle funsexyman101 : i only have big closets funsexyman101 : even on my jet funsexyman101 : mmmm daddy likes CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits funsexyman101 : mellon yea CEO500 : Butt plug at goal? funsexyman101 : durning christman if u got all the gifts I think u could win something funsexyman101 : IDK if they are still doig it now funsexyman101 : I bet they are funsexyman101 : gifts funsexyman101 : it was a contest for u cam girls CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits jeffman86 : whats up cutie CEO500 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits funsexyman101 : he meet goal funsexyman101 : lol jeffman86 : u look amazing as always funsexyman101 : I thik that was what he was doing CEO500 : Im sorry I thought u were talking to someone else jeffman86 : nothing, just the picture comes with the gift jeffman86 : at least i think funsexyman101 : when u get a gift tip and collect them all u win soething jeffman86 : he likes making it rain funsexyman101 : ol funsexyman101 : lol funsexyman101 : pn a fiching line funsexyman101 : lol CEO500 : hahaha lecole11 : can we watch the porn aswell funsexyman101 : i told u babe jeffman86 : screw the porn, i want to watch u lecole11 : lol funsexyman101 : tracks on the screen funsexyman101 : can i watch that Letsprty22 : killin me funsexyman101 : why not carlitos22222 : brandi the truth jeffman86 : gift comes with the picture and the different sound YoungGentleman : relax funsexyman101 : it's a contest Chelios69 has sent a 2 credits gift has tipped 2 credits funsexyman101 : no diff. nice thinking funsexyman101 : lol CEO500 : no real difference Letsprty22 : killin funsexyman101 : u ever hear the one that sound like a coin for each dolor jeffman86 : tina likes her gifts like she likes her cocks You are now in private chat. Your show is over. : Connected to the room successfully. Welcome to your room. Make sure your video feed is displaying and that you have clicked "go online" CEO500 has tipped 5 credits CEO500 : When we get to know each other better CEO500 : Ill cam to cam CEO500 : Can you put on a mini skirt CEO500 : yeah baby CEO500 : no top needed CEO500 has tipped 5 credits Halftimepbs : that ass CEO500 : love it Halftimepbs : chillin Halftimepbs : Halftimepbs : lol boss44vc : hey sexy Letsprty22 : smoke break for me.... boss44vc : love watching porn boss44vc : mmmmm boss44vc : love going deep Halftimepbs : hehe CEO500 : Is she coming back? Tina Marie : yes i am back Tina Marie : told you i would come back didnt I Tina Marie : :-)) Tina Marie : hi shadow Tina Marie : where is stray cat landabovecanada : HI tina landabovecanada : good lol hbu landabovecanada : I missed those nips of yours landabovecanada : you show do a tip show baby Tina Marie : i feel used :O Tina Marie : not that im not into it Tina Marie : but when a girl give syou what you want Tina Marie : my q is Tina Marie : um.... Tina Marie : why wouldnt you reward that? Tina Marie : THAT! Tina Marie : is my q Tina Marie : the answer guys is YES Tina Marie : you should landabovecanada : I was hopping for a tip show I have 4 credit Tina Marie : so girls dont sit around waiting on a tip because you know you will reward her for being a good girl Tina Marie : and doing what you tell her to do landabovecanada : until next week Tina Marie : damn Tina Marie : oh ok Tina Marie : hwo abotu this Tina Marie : you tip me those 4 logzilla2 : tinaaaa Tina Marie : ill gie you strap on show Tina Marie : ;p; Tina Marie : hey guys Tina Marie : tip my goal Tina Marie : im abotu t do shwos in free chat landabovecanada : I am truly sorry if you do that show I will join for sure though Tina Marie : no tip your tips logzilla2 : hows u tinnnaa logzilla2 : tina wanna watch? Tina Marie : no i want you to watch im about to go off in here Tina Marie : you guys Tina Marie : make it rain Tina Marie : shwos in free chat Tina Marie : no privates if you gusy keep the tips comign im down to keep doing mikey011 : hi game sexy Tina Marie : hi baby mikey011 : I am great I am a freak Tina Marie : good Tina Marie : hookit the fuck up n here landabovecanada has tipped 2 credits mikey011 : I like dick to is that ok with you I hope that's ok landabovecanada has tipped 2 credits 8cagyt27 has tipped 2 credits kamran77 : hi bb kamran77 : nice bb kamran77 : so cute bb kamran77 : i love u bb memito : that orgy to the same rich MrLongSchlongg : someone needs to get fucked doggy bigpoppppa : annabelle needs a real dick right now bigpoppppa : who's the other girl? bigpoppppa : never met her before bigpoppppa : damn tina you look yummy bigpoppppa : WOWWW kamran77 : wowowowowowo JayDingo21 : dude on that coke in back sexyrob12344 : make her scream R4GN4ROK888 : that maulle like a whore kamran77 : vvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice bb bigcockgreen : dig in R4GN4ROK888 : cow girl please Chigurah : what other shows are planned? Chigurah : whose the fourth girl? Chigurah : wow Chigurah : pretty Chigurah : let see some dick sucking wither Tina Marie : well yea duh Tina Marie : she just did a whole scene Tina Marie : :O Tina Marie : you missed it kamran77 : hi redsox617 has tipped 20 credits Chigurah : real dick sucking? System : You are now in private chat. Your show is over. : Connected to the room successfully. Welcome to your room. Make sure your video feed is displaying and that you have clicked "go online" R4GN4ROK888 : hi lotarman : and R4GN4ROK888 : oh siii R4GN4ROK888 : mmm fuck lotarman : que rico que follas R4GN4ROK888 : mmmm R4GN4ROK888 : You are so handsome lotarman : Makes you hard hard lotarman : That good vagina can bounce that pretty vagina R4GN4ROK888 : ah yes, how do you like it? lotarman : Horny R4GN4ROK888 : let the jet be seen lotarman : How nice you have that ass R4GN4ROK888 : Uf if that hand was my cock … lotarman : Now you too that you fuck my love lotarman : Now that you warm my love lotarman : Hahaha lotarman : now if they are all horny and horny lotarman : What good asses lotarman : Those vaginas must have wet Lilltuna69 : great prty whats the address lotarman : Just do not do all of them Lilltuna69 : i got party favor lotarman : Open that vagina and suck on that clitorix Lilltuna69 : common one of em wants a stiff one' lotarman : That is crumpetman61 : it's a bit dark in their girls! Lilltuna69 : camera guy must be gay lotarman : Abri mona legs that suck that vagina System : [Shine999] is now following you. lotarman : ufff that rich that vagina of the tattoo lotarman : So that sucks that vagina UAEvip : mmmm UAEvip : thats sweet lotarman : Hacele to open more legs lotarman : That is lotarman : Hard hard lotarman : What rich vaginas lotarman : And those rich tits bigdong1983 : hi box fl495Z70 : Tina when did u want me to come over and humilate me lol ?? chalis : bring one of the girls in there with you catmando3037 : i want to see the rich creamy stuff

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Collide w/ TinaMariexxx

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Sierra Rose First time Glory Hole ~***LIVE***~




Friday, June 8, 2018


mattie145 : bewbs
mattie145 :  lolll
mattie145 : i have not splatty' just mattie lol
mattie145 : LOL gangbang exclusion...seems harsh
mattie145 : are u watching a commercial for his dick
mattie145 : fuckin utube skip
mattie145 : lol
mattie145 : my cock's totally gonna take a tour of ur lady cave
mattie145 : woo woooo
Crazyfun326 : awe lo
mattie145 : lol
mattie145 : so dont get ended yo
Crazyfun326 : πŸ˜šπŸ˜š
Crazyfun326 : you want my D
mattie145 : sacrifices must be made lol
 Deevo6422  has tipped 3 credits
mattie145 : air...who needs it
SupremeAlienMFR : u want my baby dick in a nostrol?
 19wulf63  has tipped 5 credits
SupremeAlienMFR : you cant handle the BD
mattie145 : lmfao
mattie145 : they keep falling through the grill holes dammmmit
mattie145 : cant even cook these weiners
SupremeAlienMFR : alien babydick
SupremeAlienMFR : you know what MFR stands for?
SupremeAlienMFR : It grows after its in u
SupremeAlienMFR : Mutha fuckin Rizzo
SupremeAlienMFR : M F R
mattie145 : alexa play some super dope beat jams alexaaaaa
sexy15987 : wheres aexa
SupremeAlienMFR : Alexa put a taco in it
mattie145 : omg that worked
SupremeAlienMFR : What did you make for dinner tiny tina?
SupremeAlienMFR : talpia is a poop eater
SupremeAlienMFR : its a bottom feeder fish
sexy15987 : cant wait to c alxa
navyboy21 : can you open my cam?
SupremeAlienMFR : I like eating more supreme fish higher up the food chain
SupremeAlienMFR : like a swordfish
SupremeAlienMFR : Im a alien we survive on mercery
SupremeAlienMFR : and inhabit mars
navyboy21 : play with your pussy
SupremeAlienMFR : can i tow you behind the boat as bait?
SupremeAlienMFR : for a whale....
mattie145 : i'd bite lol
navyboy21 : I tried open my cam it says are not opening my cam
SupremeAlienMFR : mattie said he would bite
SupremeAlienMFR : surely if 1 would bite, there would be several bitting
SupremeAlienMFR : it would be afeeding fenzy
john101091 : who wants to be alone
john101091 :  da alexia
navyboy21 : says model is not watching your camera
mattie145 : that damn strip club playlist...make it rainnnn
john101091 : depends on who that is
navyboy21 : says model is not watching your camera
Tina Marie : Tina Marie:
john101091 : or Jaun
john101091 : it is really John in real life
john101091 : on camster its 4 different ones
navyboy21 : my cam is open
harvey72150 : did you know the 6th was kinda like an anniversary for me -- not a marriage one but a graduation one I received my diploma 32 years ago on that date
john101091 : I'm 12 btw
harvey72150 : before you were even born lol
john101091 : I really am lol
harvey72150 : thanks
navyboy21 : open my c2c?
john101091 : is this live btw
john101091 : not a rerun
harvey72150 : where did Annabelle run off to I haven't seen her in a while
john101091 : I'm here everyday
john101091 : I'm not afraid of Sierra anymore
SupremeAlienMFR : Oh the things I want to do to tina
john101091 : I did say she scares me
SupremeAlienMFR : thats not nice
john101091 : ok now
SupremeAlienMFR : I'll pass on that
SupremeAlienMFR : I want to kill you with kindness
SupremeAlienMFR : Take you to tacobell
SupremeAlienMFR : and order you the nacho
SupremeAlienMFR : the nacho bell grande even
SupremeAlienMFR : choco taco for dessert
SupremeAlienMFR : no its a dessert at taco bell
SupremeAlienMFR : Im not eating that
SupremeAlienMFR : I wanted to do you a solid
john101091 : smoking cam that's what I'm talking about
john101091 : do u want to get hi
SupremeAlienMFR : has ever been raydolls that are black chics?
john101091 : lol I mean stoned
john101091 : I am naturally hi lol
SupremeAlienMFR : I am high on life
john101091 : I got a wild mind
SupremeAlienMFR : without doing drugs I am high on life.
john101091 : I beg to differ
SupremeAlienMFR : I used to fish alot and smoke alot of fish
john101091 : try me
SupremeAlienMFR : I evolved
SupremeAlienMFR : I can fish
SupremeAlienMFR : I found u
john101091 :  touch
john101091 : girls r a lot like fish lol
john101091 : jk
SupremeAlienMFR : I hunted for hermit crabs
SupremeAlienMFR : and found tina
john101091 : lol
SupremeAlienMFR : I had a hermit crab as a pet
SupremeAlienMFR : and i put it on my gf's nipple
SupremeAlienMFR : oh man it fucked her up
SupremeAlienMFR : I did i got it from a place in key largo
john101091 : I like to burn my nipples lol
navyboy21 : high key want to eat your pussy
john101091 : hey Tina what is going on in America lol
navyboy21 : wish you could suck my cock
john101091 : that's urs
john101091 : I stole that from u
john101091 : I'm ready
navyboy21 : the man cave lol
john101091 : let's go to the pussy wagon lol
Wolf8 :  Hi baby
navyboy21 : so sense the c2c does not work I can I see you play with your self?
 renzo3434  has tipped 2 credits
Wolf8 : nice car
john101091 : the ones in the pics
SupremeAlienMFR : u have a car tina?
navyboy21 : do you and your friend like to share dick?
 renzo3434  has tipped 2 credits
xxdesrochersxx : would you double priv with Sierra?
navyboy21 : want to share mine?
renzo3434 : booty shake pls
xxdesrochersxx : i asked her and she said ask you lol
xxdesrochersxx : lol sounds good
navyboy21 : we can all 3 go to the man cave and I can fuck both you hard Dogg style
navyboy21 : doggy
xxdesrochersxx : yall are straight gorgeous jeez lol
 renzo3434  has tipped 2 credits
john101091 : can I see ur sack lol
xxdesrochersxx : nvm shes in a prvt now lol
john101091 : I was told to ask for the sack
xxdesrochersxx : sierra told him to ask lol
navyboy21 : do you swollow cum?
xxdesrochersxx : idk what hes talking about
john101091 : is it nice
john101091 : lol
xxdesrochersxx : your making her mad confused
renzo3434 has sent a 2 credits gift 
john101091 : smoke weed and don't give a shit lol
renzo3434 : πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
navyboy21 : I like to smoke weed and fuck
john101091 : where did u get that from
john101091 : depends
john101091 : where from
john101091 : what am I supposed to say lol
john101091 : I just like to play along
navyboy21 : my cam should be working now
 renzo3434  has tipped 2 credits
john101091 : camster does get some rude people coming on here
navyboy21 : show me your ass?
john101091 : I'm not worried about it
john101091 : but this is real life lol
rivos512 : u a robot stop lying
john101091 : I taught it was for a while
rivos512 : jkjk
rivos512 : maybe
navyboy21 : shit don’t got to ask me twice to lick your ass
 Mickishardhead  has tipped 2 credits
rivos512 : u drunk
john101091 : this is entertainment lol
rivos512 : a lot
 Mickishardhead  has tipped 5 credits
Marshall27dog : Hi T:-) Hru tonight?
rivos512 : dam u blacked
john101091 : I'll show u my moon lol
Marshall27dog : I'd rather fuck:-) Pvt?
rivos512 : nah u aint gonna member this
You are now in private chat.
[Marshall27dog] has left your show
The main user has left the PRIVATE chat.
Your show is over.
: Connected to the room successfully.
Welcome to your room. Make sure your video feed is displaying and that you have clicked "go online"
Marshall27dog : Got black screen. try again?
You are now in private chat.
Marshall27dog : Now its working:-)
Marshall27dog : Sorry dont have. but i enjoy looking at u babe:-)
Marshall27dog : Can u spread for me?
[Marshall27dog] has left your show
The main user has left the PRIVATE chat.
Your show is over.
: Connected to the room successfully.
Welcome to your room. Make sure your video feed is displaying and that you have clicked "go online"
rivos512 : come here n suck this dick bby
navyboy21 : that’s what happend to me
SupremeAlienMFR : she cant handle the BD
rivos512 : lmao she jus drunk
navyboy21 : it was just black
 assmanbubolz  has tipped 10 credits
assmanbubolz : Good to see you again, its been a minute
rivos512 : quit smokin
rivos512 : u should
assmanbubolz : LOL no worries
rivos512 : 2 pretty
Brandon19 :  wooow you are very beautiful baby❤😍
rivos512 : assman got that money!!!
VegasLoaded : Dick so big it wont fit on cam
navyboy21 : no
VegasLoaded : his dick or the cam feed?
navyboy21 : mine showed black screen to
VegasLoaded : lol
 assmanbubolz  has tipped 10 credits
assmanbubolz : Damn!! 
rivos512 : i cant tell if thatt ass nice or its the pants...ima believe its just that nice
diamond890 : mm mm
assmanbubolz : check your pm 
navyboy21 : do you like anal?
assmanbubolz : LOL you crack me up. Always a good time
assmanbubolz : No worries. It wasnt that important, just baggin on these guys lol
 assmanbubolz  has tipped 10 credits
navyboy21 : for the love of god please take it off
SupremeAlienMFR : tina in training
navyboy21 : come hit the gym with the sailor
navyboy21 : I can put you through a work out!
SkeetOnAhFace : u not gonna fall off baby. u gonna be on top forever
Hustler6 : Two amazing women.
 Hustler6  has tipped 2 credits
SkeetOnAhFace : Hustler got that 1988 game
SupremeAlienMFR : both of you cant handle the BD
diamond890 : who is that
SkeetOnAhFace : beer run? criminals
Hustler6 : You should work each other out.
SkeetOnAhFace : work each other out? Hustler chill bro
SkeetOnAhFace : let me do the talking
Hustler6 : go away
navyboy21 : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘†πŸ»
 assmanbubolz  has tipped 5 credits
SkeetOnAhFace : I was here first homie
navyboy21 : do some stright legged dead lifts that will get the booty
Hustler6 : If that's Sierra, bring her on cam.
navyboy21 : lunges are life!!!
navyboy21 : and Mongolian squats are bae to they work you hamstrings
navyboy21 : turn music on
SupremeAlienMFR : I gotta break these chics off with the babydick
navyboy21 : squats for days!
navyboy21 : hit them lunges to
: Connected to the room successfully.
Welcome to your room. Make sure your video feed is displaying and that you have clicked "go online"
zuzuzfe761 : hey sexy
thatTacoguy : that's a lot of creamer😳
zuzuzfe761 : tin ive been jerking off to you since i was 18 lol
zuzuzfe761 : haha im 25 now
zuzuzfe761 : your body is so fire
bigswish69 : go dj that my dj
JaaqDraaco : did someone hurt you that I need to hurt in return?
JaaqDraaco : jk
JaaqDraaco : is that Sierra with you?
JaaqDraaco : mew
JaaqDraaco : you know how weird fantasy stuff can be anime?
JaaqDraaco : imagine, cursed dvd, a girl watches it and she grows a dick. she gets supernatural horny and does another girl.
JaaqDraaco : can you imagine that happening to you?
kenny60 : whatever happened to sabrina?
john101091 : what r u doing
john101091 : this is so weird lol
keokad : is that sierra?
MyTongueIsIt : hi